The Economics

Fuse Enviro and its RecoverTankTM technology represent a new opportunity for both natural gas and oil drilling companies. This efficient and cost effective solution to drilling waste management will help these companies address environmental deficiencies while improving well economics. Fuse Enviro’s proprietary technology represents a win-win opportunity to improve practices and at the same time save money.

Innovations in drilling technologies means the more complex wells being drilled today will continue to be drilled faster. By embracing new technology and new ideas, companies have greatly improved efficiency, which greatly improves economics. The use of such innovative technology such as the RecoverTankTM will further improve wellsite efficiencies and provide the client the opportunity to operate a more self sufficient environment.

The economic advantages of the RecoverTankTM system continue to extend well beyond the recovered drilling fluid alone. The outreaching impact represents equal if not greater value to the producer.

Drilling Fluid

There are several types of oil and synthetic based drilling fluids on the market today. The constant among these products is significant cost. The expense associated with the fluid losses within waste is substantial and is considerably reduced.




Mud additives are a essential component of drilling fluid that also carries significant costs. This expense is further reduced as the drill fluid recovered also carries a high percentage of the mixed additives.

Mixing Material

The need to stabilize the final waste product from the RecoverTankTM with mixing material is most often unnecessary. To all but eliminate the need to mix cuttings, we further reduce the need for that amount of material, which consequently no longer needs to be shipped and disposed of.


As we consider the reduced material requirements we can quickly realize a considerable reduction in logistical expenses, including;

  •  Incoming fluid
  •  Additional additives
  •  Mixing material
  •  Disposal waste material

The trucking expense surrounding each well or program will vary and are dependant to location and area, however the most remote locations will enjoy the most  significant transportation cost reductions.


Road Maintenance

Changing weather and seasons always poses a challenge to wellsite traffic. Road conditions during spring, fall, rainy periods, and in generally wet geographic areas can make access extremely difficult. By reducing traffic you reduce costs for road and lease maintenance.








Mud System Longevity

Properly maintaining a mud system not only provides the operator improved drilling performance and but increases the fluid life span. As the RecoverTankTM returns polished high quality mud back to the active system, it effectively extend its life cycle. We have shared success working with a client to maintain an oil based mud system for over a year to be returned in good condition at the completion of the drilling program.


Disposal Costs

The RecoverTankTM typically reduces drilling waste by 50%. This reduction of half, not only applies to disposal costs, but the number truck loads required to haul waste material.

Disposal Cost Analysis

Shaker Screen Costs

With the addition the RecoverTankTM, this waste management system allows the client to rely much less on the rig shakers. By lowering the shaker deck to a conservative angle and allowing the RecoverTankTM to process the cuttings, shaker screen replacement is reduced as wear becomes minimal.



The use of the RecoverTankTM will effectively reduce drilling costs by impacting the costs surrounding the entire back end of the rig.

  • Recovery of large losses returned as polished drill fluid.
  • Return an average of 80% of the mud additives within the fluid recovered.
  • Almost eliminate the need for mixing material.
  • Reduce trucking and logistical costs.
  • Reduce drilling waste and its disposal costs by 50%.
  • Reduce consumable parts wear and costs.

By responsibly maintaining cost efficient controls on drilling practices, our industry can operate using drilling fluids with a significantly less environmental impact.