Environmental Policy Statement

Fuse Enviro Ltd. conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to safeguarding the environment through compliance with applicable Federal, Provincial and local environmental laws and regulations.

Fuse continuously strives for improvement in environmental performance, reducing the impact associated with the operation of our business through;

  •  effective project planning and implementation,
  •  emission reduction and waste minimization,
  •  careful waste management,
  •  and energy conservation.

Senior management leads in the implementation of this policy, recognizing the importance of

their involvement and commitment, and the responsibility of each and every employee in the application of this policy.

Fuse Enviro Ltd.’s commitment is incorporated into business activities through the following guiding principles.

Fuse Enviro Ltd. is committed to:

  •  Ensure our operations comply with government legislation, corporate policy and applicable  industry standards concerning the protection of the environment and the public;
  •  Determine, evaluate and mitigate the environmental impact of our business during the  project planning, implementation, operation, and decommissioning;
  •  Ensure that the appropriate waste and emissions management programs are developed and implemented;
  •  Respond to emergencies in a prompt and effective manner;
  •  Use energy and other resources efficiently in our operations;
  •  Ensure that all employees and others engaged on our behalf are aware of the requirements and are  trained to protect the environment.

Fuse will provide employees with training, equipment and procedures to be able to work in a safe, compliant and environmentally responsible manner. The standards and rules as set forth in this policy are to be followed by all employees and contractors.