Management Team

Mr. Dale Demchuk joined the company as an investor and director. His oilfield career began with studying petroleum engineering at NAIT, which then lead to MWD Field Engineering for Sperry-Sun drilling services, MWD field engineer, Field Supervisor and Coordinator with Directional Plus Ltd., General Manager with Fuse Enviro Ltd. and in 2014 stepped into the role of President with Fuse Enviro Ltd.
Mr. Jon Boxall has diverse oilfield career having worked with several drilling companies advancing to the position of Driller, Solids Hand with Lykal Sales & Oilfield Rentals, Directional Driller with both Sperry-Sun and Directional Plus Ltd., Solids Control Field Supervisor with Apex Oilfield Services, and is currently VP of Operations for Fuse Enviro Ltd.
Mr. Chris Murray P.Eng. has an extensive oilfield background that includes starting as a Field Engineer and advancing to sales engineer with Computalog/Precision Drilling, then on to International Business Development Manager with Precision drilling; Solids Control Division Manager with Apex Oilfield Services, General Manager with Cedar Creek Drilling Ltd.  Mr. Murray currently sits on the board of directors for Fuse Enviro.