Health and Safety Policy Statement

Fuse Enviro Ltd. is committed to providing its employees, stakeholders, customers and the community with a safe, value added service. We recognize the right of the employee to work in a
safe and healthy work environment. All employees should have the expectation to go home safe at the end of each workday.
Continuous improvement and investment ensures we are able to provide the highest levels of service in the industry while recognizing its responsibilities for, health, safety, the environment, and to the communities in which we work.
Safety is a responsibility shared between owners, management, employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and various regulatory agencies. All employees and contractors of Fuse Enviro Ltd. are
held accountable for occupational health and safety.

Fuse Enviro Ltd. believes that all occupational injury, sickness and damage of property are avoidable. Risk and at-risk behavior, injury and loss can be eliminated from our organization by
establishing a proactive management culture.
It is therefore our company policy to:
1) As a minimum, comply with all Government health, safety, environmental regulations, client requirements, and to continually improve performance.
2) Provide and maintain a safe healthy work place, a safe working environment, safe systems and safe methods of work.
3) Protect employees and others, including the public when they come into contact with the company’s equipment and services.
4) Ensure that employees have the necessary support, training, equipment, technology and procedures that will permit them to effectively manage the hazards they confront in the workplace.
5) Ensure all employees accept their responsibility to work safely by adhering to all safety rules and procedures, using required safety equipment that meets or surpasses regulations and to contribute to the maintenance of safe and healthy conditions.
6) Encourage full and effective communication between employee and management on all aspects of health and safety. Speed of production, schedule timelines and project costs will never be placed before completing the job in a safe manner. People are the highest priority on all work sites. Our goal is to be a leader in loss control management in our field and provide a healthy, injury free work place for all workers. By working together in all elements of this program, we will achieve this goal.