Technical Data

Cuttings Bypass System

The RecoverTankTM waste management system is stand alone equipment that operates after the shale shaker and is independent of the active mud system. The introduction of Fuse Enviro’s proprietary bypass system allows cuttings to discharge directly into the shale bin in the event the need occurs ensuring drilling operations are never interrupted.

Material Processing Limits

The limitations of the RecoverTankTM to process waste material are yet to be determined. It has successfully processed 311mm hole and fast drilling with peaks of 250m/hr in 222mm hole. This attribute of the RecoverTankTM provides effective fluid recovery at high rates of penetration while drilling large diameter hole.

Fluid Measurement

The recovered drilling fluid is accurately measured with both digital and analog meters to confirm the exact volume of drilling mud returning to the mud system from the RecoverTankTM.


Fluid Quality – Density



Cuttings Dryness



Fluid Recovery Volumes


Fluid Quantity – Particle Size


Fluid Quality – Particle Size

Best Sample with close match between averages and tight distribution 

Worst Sample with trace solids up to near 300 m


RecoverTank Footprint